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About Us

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Ahoy! We're the Leadership Legion Podcast. Our goal is to create a legion of nerds like us who want to become better leaders in our communities, in our organizations, and with ourselves. We do this by examining the words and actions of our favorite characters in nerddom, and understanding the lessons that they reveal to us with their stories.

Our hosts, Adam and Travis, are consummate nerds who love engaging on this challenging and incredibly rewarding topic of leadership and doing their best to take these lessons and apply themselves to their lives.

Meet Adam:

As a modern knight, Adam's purpose in life is to help others lead confidently, serve with empathy and otherwise be a hero to those they are leading. He has helped shape the teams of startups and Fortune 500 companies through his experiences in entrepreneurship, consulting, and technology. Adam invites new leaders and managers to reach out to see how they can become the hero their business.

Personally, Adam strives to enjoy life as much as he can. When he is not coaching, he can be found running the streets and trails of Minneapolis. Adam also enjoys books of all kinds, from personal/professional development to history to fiction, and is always actively reading at least one. He also enjoys a variety of story-driven video games and discovering new things on YouTube.

Meet Travis:

When not wrestling bears or sailing his longship, Travis spends his time leading his organizations and helping companies creatively tell their stories through photo and video. Additionally, he consults on various levels of projects ranging from technical to online product development. 

In his personal time, Travis writes and spends time diving into books and podcasts to further his knowledge with non-fiction and feed his imagination with fiction. He also has a passion for fitness, engaging in lifting and bodyweight exercise, as well as trying different nutrition to energize his performance. His video game time consists of a wide variety of story and strategy driven games, as well as a FPS or two. 

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